Htaccess Generator

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Why do you need this .htaccess file?

It helps us to distinguish RFI attacks targeting different hosts. And it provides a basic protection for your Website against RFI attacks.
Potentially harmful traffic is diverted to a special honeypot system.
Results from the analysis will be reported to the hosting company from which the attack where originated.

How much does this service cost?

This service is FREE and it only costs a few minutes of you time.

How do I implement the ".htaccess" file?

First generate your own htaccess file at the bottom of this site.
Second save this file to your website root folder and name it ".htaccess".
Make sure your "RewriteEngine" is enabled, if not ask your hosting company.

What happens if I already have a htaccess file on my webspace (e.g. when using wordpress, etc)?

Just keep in mind to copy the generated htaccess code below your own htaccess code.

Can I check it, if it's working?

In order to check your ".htaccess" you need to do the following:

1. Open the following link:

2. Change the "" to your working domain, where the ".htaccess" is located.

3. If you get the following result your ".htaccess" is working:
"1&1 htaccess check it works"

In case of problems:

Send an E-Mail to Mike or contact us on IRC

Generate your own .htaccess file here:

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E-Mail (optional):
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